Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hobo Day

I got to experience my first South Dakota State Hobo Day. Apparently back in the 20's or something, some fraternity decided to have a "Hobo and Squaw" day were everyone dressed up as Hobos or Indian Squaws. It was such a hit that the tradition continues to this day, minus the Squaw part as that isn't politically correct anymore. (I'm surprised Hobo is still in vogue, as that is a term that has largely gone out of the vernacular in favor of 'homeless people.")

These days, there is a large parade and its like a homecoming football game for SDSU. We sold donuts and coffee and such outside the church, as the parade marched by. We did pretty well, as the proceeds were going to the St. Paul's Youth Group.

It was a fairly nice day for it; a bit overcast but no snow or rain, although I hear there is a 100% chance of a beer drinking front going through sometime this evening. Judging from some of the kids on the floats, it was already 5 o'clock somewhere.

Though there were plenty of Jackrabbits and Superheros, I actually didn't see as many Hobos as I was expecting, although the day is young.

I did see quite a few politicians in the parade though, who I suppose are similar to panhandling hobos in their own way.


Anonymous said...

In a world where PC has gone mad it is good to hear such events continue ... still anything for a parade :D (and beer)

Veritas said...

hahah I love your insight into the similarities between the panhandlers and politicians.