Friday, October 09, 2009

Ok, that's weird

So I decided to take advantage of the nice fall day to take a jaunt up to Blue Cloud Abbey. Blue Cloud is really a neat place. My wife had never been, so we took a drive up there. The leaves, especially the monastery Japanese maples, were just beautiful. We also got a few apples from their orchard...delicious.

I got home and decided since it was such a nice fall day, I better make the last of the grilling season count. I got out two T-bone steaks and grilled out. I was wearing a flannel shirt, but no jacket. That was around 5 PM.

It is now 7:40 PM and there is snow falling, with an inch accumulation expected.

Welcome to South Dakota.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

We're roughly 700 miles west of you... and expecting single digit lows tonight. Brace yourself.