Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think I will take Door No. 2

We had been told by friends that there was a great butcher shop/meat locker in a small town relatively close to Brookings. We had to go out there for other reasons, and decided to stop to get some of this bacon we had been told "was to die for."

We pulled up into the fairly small prairie town, population 500-ish. It had a nice little downtown area. (Think Mayberry on the Plains.) The first place we came to said "Meat Locker." We assumed that there could not possibly be more than one in this little town. Upon entering, there appeared to be a rudimentary meat counter and butcher block, upon which sat a half carved carcass of some kind. There were some game meat steaks wrapped in butcher paper just sitting out on the counter.

The room was a trifle warm for a meat butcher's, and there appeared to be no one working there. We called out a couple of times and no one ever showed up. We waited around for a good five or ten minutes, still no one appeared. All the while the carcass in the warm butcher shop just sat there, half carved up.

My wife and I looked at each other, and I said, "I think we better pass..." We exited without seeing anyone. Bacteria issues aside, you can't just leave game meat sitting out like that or it will get a really gamey flavor.

We discovered up the block there was another actual meat butcher/grocery store that was properly refrigerated and had actual people working in it. We bought some bacon and two delicious looking pork chops.

Yeah, I'm glad we passed on Goober's Do-it-yourself wild game processing shop shed.

That was just gross.

So very gross.

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