Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prayer for Holy Innocent's Day

As a member of the Order of the Holy Innocents, I commend this prayer for your devotion on this Day.

-The Archer


Heavenly Father, we pray this day for the children of the world. We pray that Thou wilt protect, guide, and provide for those children who are unwanted, unloved, abandoned or abused. We pray for those children who have been left unguarded by being orphaned. We pray for those most in peril, the unborn. Spare them, O Father, from the dangers of disease and drugs, an uncaring mother or father, but most of all from an untimely death at the hands of another. Replenish Thy Church, O God, with a fruitful offspring so that the Church may resound with the joy of their small voices that will one day turn to prayer unto thee, O Lord. Amen

Source: Fr. Sack OSF, Louisville, Ky.

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