Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Got Palms?

So, the Palms for Palm Sunday got delivered today. We decided to use the type we used last year, known as the Eco Palms. They are ecologically friendly by being harvested in a manner that does not clear cut a palm tree forest.

We tried them last year at St. Paul's, and most people liked them. They are certainly full sized palm leaves. Some churches like getting the weird spiky looking ones, as seen here:
I never particularly cared for those because they did not really look like Palm leaves to me. Most people who liked those liked to use them to make Palm crosses. If that is your think, than the Eco-Palms are probably not going to go over really well at your parish.

But I do like the Eco Palms as they are big and leafy, and as such I think more historically accurate in terms of the Palm Sunday story. I picture people putting big palm branches on the ground, not the weird, overgrown blades of grass. Again, that is just my preference.

The kicker is, the Eco Palms are cheaper than the normal ones, at least the ones St. Paul's bought in the past.

Holy Week, here we come.

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