Friday, April 16, 2010

Good things in Jerusalem

An Update from the American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem

We've shared the wonderful news about 8 classrooms added to Christ School in Nazareth last fall.  Now more schools are adding capacity to begin to address the overwhelming need for Christian education in the region.  Parents trust the Diocese of Jerusalem to instill values and faith in addition to strong academics. They know that a well-educated community will make better choices and improve the chances for peace.  What a gift you've provided!
             Arab Episcopal School in Irbid, Jordan has been praised for its work with blind and low vision students in addition to those with normal sight. Mainstreaming disabled students is a concept
AES Irbid students
suheil and john at VTS
that is receiving slow acceptance in this region, and our school is leading the way.  The school has educated students in K-6, but those with disabilities who complete 6th grade have limited options to continue their studies.  AES recently purchased an adjoining property and plans to build space for both 7th and 8th grade, plus a nursery school.  They hope to eventually expand through 10th grade and include vocational training for the blind.  They need your help with construction costs plus teacher salaries, books and equipment.  They only need $15,000 to cover construction -- a modest investment for a significant and long-lasting resource.
St. Philip's Nablus Nursery School
Nablus nursery school
             St. Paul Shefa'Amr in Israel also acquired an adjacent property which they're developing into a school for the disabled.  Their progress is shown at the top of this page.  Even more remarkable, the work is being done with labor, professional expertise and materials sourced locally through inkind donations and community support.  The pride and sense of accomplishment is enormous.  We sometimes think that the region is permanently mired in conflict and dispair.  The St. Pau'ls family is shining example of hope and growth. 
             St. Philip's in Nablus has run a daycare facility for many years with a substantial wait-list.  In an overcrowded city with high unemployment and a large refugee camp, Nablus presents a real opportunity for the church to minister in meaningful ways.  St. Philip's recently announced plans to begin adding an elementary school, one grade at a time.  Children will be able to grow in faith, absorbing lessons of tolerance along with their academic studies.  They'd be grateful for your help with scholarships and teacher salaries.
            Your gifts will have a direct impact on these children's lives.  Bishop Suheil believes that education is the cornerstone to peace in the region, and AFEDJ chose it as our priority for funding for the next two years.  With your help, each of these schools can develop future leadership, stabilize communities and prepare for a sustainable future.  Please support this work now.   

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