Monday, May 17, 2010

Gardening season

It was a gorgeous day here in South Dakota. We had a nice April for the most part, but the last two weeks were nasty: cold, rainy, and windy. The weekend was nice, allowing my garden plot at the community garden to dry out enough to plant most of what I needed to plant.

I had the garden plot last year, but due to having a new born baby and not knowing what I could and could not grow in the South Dakota climate, it was a hit or miss garden. I grew peppers, greens of all sorts, a few sweet peas, and several nice cabbages. The corn and most anything I tried to grow from seed other than the greens, never did much. Transplanting seedlings seems to work better in the climate.

As such, I sprouted quite a few nice seedlings in one of those freestanding greenhouses that are glorified bookshelves with a saran wrap cover. It actually worked well, as I've had it in the spare bedroom. I am going to have peppers out my ears, as every one of the pepper plants I planted sprouted nicely. I also got a good stand of tomato plants, but I did not plant those today. I think it might still be a bit cool at nice yet for those bad boys.

I am not fooling with corn this year. There is a guy at my parish who grows sweet corn that is tasty and far cheaper than anything I could grow myself. I am also trying several types of onions this year. I cook a lot with onions, so hopefully that will be tasty and delicious as well.

Garden season, here I come.

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