Saturday, May 08, 2010

Pictures from the Book of Acts

The Sunday Lectionary has had some readings from the Acts of the Apostles (Book of Acts). One of the major stories for the 3rd Sunday of Easter a few weeks back is Saul's (later St. Paul's) experience on the road to Damascus. You can read the story here if you are unfamiliar with it. Long story short, Saul is blinded and taken to Damascus. Finally Ananias comes to pray for Saul. Saul is healed and baptized.

The House of Ananias is still in existence, as is the Street called Straight in Damascus. My Orthodox colleague and fellow blogger, Father Joseph David Hunnycutt, recently went to Syria and visited Damascus. He has posted some lovely pictures of the House of Ananias and downtown Damascus. They are worth taking a look at.

Though not directly related to the Acts reading, fellow archaeology nerds like myself will be interested in his postings of some fascinating pictures of the city of Bosra and the Citadel, as well as some wonderful shots of Roman Ruins in Bosra.

Kudos to Fr. Hunnycutt.

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