Sunday, June 27, 2010

Overheard at Camp (Part I)

Setting: Chapel teaching session at Thunderhead Episcopal Camp for 5th and 6th Graders

The Archer (pointing to holy water and an aspergelium sprinkler): So, does anyone know what this is?

Children: Holy Water!

Archer: Yes, that's right! Do you know what the priest does with it?

Child 1: He drinks it after a long sermon?

Archer: No, the priest usually does something with it...anyone know?

Child 2 (after some thought): Sometimes the priest at home sprinkles it on people during Mass?

Archer: Yes, very good. And what does the priest say when he sprinkles it on people?

[awkward pause while children think...]

Child 3 (very excitingly waving his hands and in all seriousness): I know! I know! 'The Power of Christ compels you!"
Archer (amidst chortling from the adult counselors): "Well...uh...I usually say, 'Remember your baptism!' but that is technically a correct answer...although I don't often get called on to do exorcisms in the middle of the liturgy. Moving right along..."

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