Friday, July 09, 2010

A New Found Appreciation

I have been having to play Mr. Mom the last few weeks, as my wife has been having to work full time for training for her new job. (Since I'm a priest, does that make me Father Mom? A FOM if you will?) I have come to a new found appreciate for single parents, not that I had a lack of respect for them to begin with, who themselves have to work full time jobs. This is one of the reasons my blog posts have been far too infrequent the last few days.

Luckily, as a priest, I can pretty much set my own schedule. However, I am having trouble getting my mind around having to do this month after month without another co-parent or family member to help out. I don't know how some single moms (or dads) who have to work very long, set hours do it and keep their long term sanity.

I always thought those parenting classes college and high schools (and now possibly middle schools) where the students have to carry around a computerized baby doll for like 24 hours to simulate what being a parent was like were really stupid. I never took such a class myself, but I'd see students walking around campus with a baby doll that squawked periodically.

I understand now what a good and practical teaching idea that is.

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