Saturday, September 04, 2010

Just Not Into This Year

Today is the first major kickoff day for the NCAA football season. Usually I am all a quiver and have made several prognostications about the upcoming season. With all the off-season hoopty-doo with conference realignment and the unbridled display of sheer avarice and greed on just about everybody's part in big time college football, I have to admit college football this year is not all that appealing. I had held out naive hope over the years that college football was not solely about the money.

With the off season such as it was, it left a very bad taste in my mouth that is not liable to go away in the near future. Perhaps at some point in the future, I may return to commenting on college football, but I frankly do not care right now.

There might be one possible exception in the new coach at Tennessee, who I really like as a person. He seems to actually have class. I'd expect nothing less from a Dooley. Sadly, I think he is going to have his hands full for the next two to three years, fixing the complete mess his predecessor left. I do wish him well. If I do watch a major college football game this year, it will likely be a Tennessee game.

I may take up commenting on Division II or I-AA (I refuse to call it the Bowl Sub Division or whatever ridiculous acronym they use now) football, since I am an alum of a Div II school and the SDSU Jackrabbits are right up the street.

Time will tell.

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