Sunday, October 03, 2010

It could happen...

In my previous baseball prognostication (which is turning out to be completely wrong), I thought that it was looking likely going into this weekend's regular season ending series, that Atlanta would win the Wild Card and the Padres would be eliminated.

Atlanta has lost 2 to Philadelphia, squandering their nearly ironclad Wild Card lead. The Padres have won 2 against San Francisco. If the Padres sweep the Giants and the Braves win the last game against Philadelphia, the unthinkable could happen today in Major League Baseball: The Padres, Braves, and Giants will all end up with identical records. This would mean the first three-team, two-game playoff in baseball history.

The Giants and Padres would have to play a one-game playoff Monday in San Diego, with the winner claiming the NL West. The loser would then have to fly to Atlanta and play a one-game playoff for the Wild Card. The winner of that game, should it be San Diego or San Francisco, would have the unenviable taste of then getting on the plane to Philadelphia on Wednesday for the first game of the National League Division Series.

Did I fail to mention I hate the wild card?

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