Friday, October 01, 2010


Why does professional cycling have such a problem with steroid abuse? Another fine example came to light today when a racer claimed a positive test was the result of (get this) eating a small steak. I am not a biologist or drug expert, but that seems a trifle...uh...ridiculous to me.

Why is it, though, that world cycling has such an issue with steroid abuse? Lance Armstrong has been accused of it for years, though nothing to my knowledge has ever been proved there. To an extent, I can understand sports like American football or baseball players that need huge amounts of strength and body mass. But, cycling? I don't understand the need or desire for it in that kind of a sport.

But then again I don't really understand the Tour de France crowd either that riots over a bicycle match.


Raisin said...

Don't you think that the steroid abuse is not so much about strength as it is about doing anything to win? The steak defense sounds rather silly, but I'll wager that the steak wasn't all that small.

The Archer of the Forest said...

Well, that's probably part of it, yes. But what do they hope to accomplish if strength isn't what's needed?