Thursday, December 02, 2010

More Evidence of College Football Corruption

Apparently, Cam Newton is eligible to continue playing at Auburn, even though his father (wink, wink) was caught red handed in trying to sell him off as a recruit back when he was in high school. But apparently Cam didn't know about it (nod, nod), so its all cool...

If Cam Newton had gone to Notre Dame or Texas or some other school not likely to make a major bowl this year, they would have brought the hammer down. Sportswriter Andy Staples has it exactly right: the NCAA is looking the other way in a classic case of "follow the money." If Cam Newton gets ruled ineligible, Auburn must forfeit its wins this season, or at the least be disallowed to play in the bowl game, which making a shambles of the BCS National Championship this year (and cost everyone millions of dollars in the process).

The NCAA just created a major loophole for "middle men" in the recruiting process. All players apparently have to establish now is plausible deniability.

And to think I was just about to come back from exile and get back into to watching some football during the bowl season...

Three Words:
Bowl Champion$hip $erie$

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