Thursday, December 30, 2010

How dumb do they think we are?

Over massive criticisms to let players play in bowl games over a series of scandals that should have made them immediately ineligible, the NCAA made a rare secondary press conference to defend its recent actions. During the press conference, the NCAA apparently lowered the bar by lying directly to the public.

"Money is not a motivator or factor as to why one school would get a particular decision versus another. Any insinuation that revenue from bowl games in particular would influence NCAA decisions is absurd, because schools and conferences receive that revenue, not the NCAA."

This is flat out baloney, and I can prove it. 

If the bowl or NCAA tournament game is on a campus premises, the NCAA physically comes in and controls the bowl premises and keeps all revenue it makes off of sales of NCAA merchandise and concessions at bowl and playoff games. This is why bowl games are usually at neutral sites like Pro stadiums or off campus venues because it is easier for the NCAA to slip that little nugget off the radar. People buy a lot of jerseys, shirts, and souvenirs off bowl games. 

Furthermore, since the NCAA physically comes in and controls the operation and sales at Bowl or NCAA tournament games, they have to recoup the money paid to employees and other expenses, which they take out of the Bowl ticket revenue. 

As with anything having to do with the NCAA...follow the money. Their own budget is here. Look closely at the numbers for all sports:

TV and Marketing Rights Fees:  $638,980,000
Championships Revenues:            $62,310,000

That's a total of $701,290,000

What do they pay out to Division 1 members?


That's $282,904,000 that does not go back to Division I schools. 

I don't know how the NCAA with a straight face could not say that money was not a motivator. If revenue goes down even 10% because poster child players in the big bowls can't play, the NCAA would lose roughly 41 million dollars.

Mark my words, however. No major news channel will cover this bald faced lie because the sports media itself makes too much money on Sports bowls via advertisements, etc. I've had more than one high ranking sports personality tell me this personally.

This is why we should have professional ethics in sports.

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