Monday, January 17, 2011

For Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This is a musical take on MLK's speech. Something different to contemplate.

Sadly, I grew up in the state King was shot, and I don't think I ever got a day off from school for MLK day.

Here is the full speech, which if you have never listened to in its entirety is well worth the time.

And now, a scant 8 years later, compare that with his last speech before his death. His face and voice appear to have aged 25 years:

A lot of clergy talk about being prophetic, but true prophecy usually involves something like this: "I've seen the promise land, I may not get there with you..."

Not too many Christians I know would be willing to be that kind of prophetic, if it meant giving up your cushy job in the Burbs in exchange for a bullet.

Food for thought today.

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