Monday, February 21, 2011

Interesting illustration to ponder

The following is an interesting illustration by an Eastern Orthodox priest laying out what he calls the Protestant vs. Orthodox view of Salvation. I think that is a bit broad. Some Protestant denominations don't hold to those doctrines. I actually think this is more of an Orthodox vs. Protestants-who-hold-to-doctrines-such-as-Penal-Substitutionary-Atonement. (Please note this Wikipedia article is incorrect on a couple of things; one of which is labelling Christus Victor theory as a Substitutionary Atonement doctrine, which is technically incorrect.)

That having been said, I like the illustration. While there are some more Calvinist-leaning Anglicans who might object, I think most Anglicans who hold to strong Incarnational theology would not object to the Orthodox view of Salvation as presented in this manner.

Perhaps this might make a good Sunday school or Children's Sermon illustration for you.

Food for thought.

(Hat tip: Orthodixie blog)


Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor said...

It seemed he had to look awfully hard to find an issue. What is God doing chasing man down in his base state? As if we did not have to come to him humbly, after realizing our base state? Still the moral is- even in a mans base state God is there--as in obtainable. Just that God is not mans accomplice in mans debasity. Wich is not foreign to Protestantism. Or if he came to God drunk and in whoredom would he say comeback sober and chaste?

WatchAndPray said...

He's not a priest, to my knowledge, just fyi.