Monday, February 07, 2011

Worst National Anthem rendition ever...

and the commercials were borderline raunchy, but the actual Super Bowl game itself was good. For once, there was not a team I disliked in the Super Bowl, so I really had no dog in the fight. I was able to just sit back and watch the play calling. I found it to be an interesting study in halves.

Green Bay pretty much dominated the first half, with the exception of the Steeler touchdown right before halftime. With the 2nd half, you got the feeling the momentum shifted and Pittsburgh was just a big play away from taking over the game. Ironically, that never actually happened. The Steelers kept getting close, but then something stupid would happen like a fumble, and the Packers would pad their lead a bit. Pittsburgh just never quite took control. They got close several times but never quite pulled it out of the fire.

My general prediction held true: the magic number was 30. If Green Bay could score at least 30 points, they would win; if not, they would lose. Green Bay scored 31 and won 31-25. Offense wins games; Defense wins championships. MVP honors went to Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers, but that was still in a game where the defenses of both teams largely lived up to expectations. I have to give the defensive nod to Green Bay who lost several of their key defensive players and kept trucking.

Both teams were running some very interesting defensive schemes that I wish I could have seen in more detail. I have no idea why football TV broadcasting cannot seem to get past the 1970's camera angle which follows most of the play looking down the line of scrimmage and then zooming in on the QB. The average viewer gets to see absolutely nothing of the defensive schemes down field. This is one of the reasons I hate watching NFL games on TV. The schemes are so technical but your field of view is marred. You really no idea what's going on down field, and that drives me crazy.  There is a reason coordinators sit up in the press box, so that they can see the play develop.

Otherwise, I did enjoy the game, aside from the horrendous national anthem (so off key my usually silent dog started whimpering) and the shameless history lesson at the beginning that was in fact a buildup for the game as a pre-game stunt. I won't even go into the commercials. They weren't funny, and I got to the point where I was changing the channel because I didn't think my 2-year-old needed to see a long parade of mostly naked women. I didn't watch the half time show because I don't like the Black Eyed Peas. I'd largely given up on Super Bowl half time shows long ago anyway.

Football is over for the season. I'm ready for Baseball.

Opening Day is 8 weeks away (April 1st).

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