Friday, May 13, 2011

Introducing St. Paul's New Pipe Organ

(The following is a repost due to's massive crash yesterday in which all blog posts of the last 24 hours were apparently lost.)

Upon returning from vacation, I had to hit the ground running. My parish, thanks to a very generous anonymous donation, was able to acquire a refurbished pipe organ to replace our old electronic organ that was almost 40 years old. The last few days, we have been assembling it, thanks in large part to the former interim pastor here at St. Paul's who is a master organist and pipe organ mover. 

The following is my photography of the installation process. The musical background is not the new organ, as it still needs to be tuned, but filler music courtesy of Trinity Church, Boston. 

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d.mystigue said...

All I can say is WOW!!!That just made my day to see something so neat! My imagination is running wild as I picture Diane Tish actually playing this. Have you thought of inviting her to come play on it? She is actually still living and still plays organs around the world. I saw her on T.V. not long ago and was surprised she was still alive.