Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Construction Begins

There is a perception by many people in the Church that the summer months are the “quiet season” of the church year. This idea is reinforced by referring to this time of the year as “ordinary time” because we are not in the midst of any of the major seasons or holy days of the year like Advent or Lent or Easter. We also tend to cut back a bit on the busy goings-on of the parish by taking a summer break from church school and regular Wednesday night soup suppers.

For those really involved in the week to week business of the parish, the summer season is only ironically known as the down time of the year. While we are not having to rush about to put up Advent greenery or attend the next Lenten ethnic dinner and discussion, we are just as busy in the summer as in the other times of the year. This year, in particularly, our parish will seem particularly busy. We are moving forward with the elevator project, having just finished an install on a new pipe organ, which how is wrapped in plastic to prevent construction dust from getting into the pipes. 

The long awaited elevator project here at St. Paul's has begun in earnest this week, as there are construction workers all about with saws and backhoes and all sorts of goodies. The project has been bantered about in various ways at this parish for neigh on ten years or more, as the building is not handicapped accessible in any way, shape, or form. Putting in an elevator is simply something we had to tackle. 

The additions are much needed and will be greatly used and appreciated once they are finished, but these busy times can also be frustrating. Projects do not always go precisely on schedule. Bugs and hiccups of all kinds can occur. Certainly, messes both great and small can plague our sense of order and church decorum, particularly on a Sunday morning. On behalf of the parish and the vestry, I ask for your indulgence and patience during this “quiet season” of the year.

We are “under construction,” as exciting and vexing as that can be. 

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