Wednesday, July 06, 2011

And Another Fine Sports Writing Article

Two in one week, that's phenomenal. Good sports writing is so hard to come by.

This article delves into the idiocy that is Major League Baseball's  All Star game church picnic softball game. I've never really cared for the All Star game of any sport. I would just as soon ignore it completely, but Commissioner Bud Selig, in his infinite wisdom, decided some years back to tie home field advantage in the World Series to which league won the All Star game. Thus, if the National League won the All Star Game, their representative in the World Series would get 4 home games to the American League's three, or vice versa.

On paper, that's a good way to try and generate viewership for the All Star game because it upped the ante, so to speak. But, as the article above lays out in points I've argued for years, neither league plays to win the All Star game. They have all these bizarre, unwritten rules that say every player gets to play. No player plays more than 2 or 3 innings. You end up with this talent show carousel of millionaires, and neither team nor pitcher ever really gets into any sort of rhythm. To tie any post season consequences to this sort of sporting travesty rips off the fans.

I say if you are going to play the game, play it like you would a normal game. In other words, be serious and play it to win. I might actually watch it then.

Really, I might.


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