Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That was actually pretty good...

I don't get too many crank calls at the parish I work. I got more back when I was working at a parish off the campus of a major University. Usually crank calls to a parish are either infantile ("Is your refrigerator running? Well, you better go catch it! huh huh huh!") or insidious in nature. Usually the infantile ones are by parishioners or other clergy good naturedly trying to yank the pastor's chains. By insidious, I mean prank calls from the people with a real ax to grind about either the Church or God or organized religion in general. Such calls will usually involve someone telling some elaborate story to try and draw in the clergy in order to make them look foolish. Luckily these are relatively rare, but they do occur.

Occasionally you hear one that is both intelligent and funny. I just received one here at the church that was an interesting play on both the Church and the weather. We've been in the midst of a real heat wave here in the Northern plains. Its been hot enough, in fact, for me to wear shorts. Having grown up in sub-tropical climates, there are very few days a year that I think it gets legitimately hot enough here to warrant wearing shorts. I still don't think it gets humid here, despite how the locals carry on. If you aren't sticking to your car seat to the point you have to pry yourself off with a spatula, then it's not that humid in my opinion.

I did just receive a good phone call however.

[Phone Rings]
Me: "St. Paul's..."
Deep, ominous voice, "Hello, this is Satan...I want my weather back! Ha ha ha!"

That was good.

I also have caller ID at the Church. I know who you are, Satan. Just FYI...

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The Underground Pewster said...

At least it was a cool prank.