Thursday, September 15, 2011

Online Radio

I have been thoroughly enjoying a program that I can get on my Roku box called Tune In Radio. At least on the Roku program (the website itself is somewhat limited but give it a try anyhow), you can tune in to literally any radio station in the world, provided the radio station has a live internet stream.

What is interesting about the Roku program is that you can search by any method you like, ranging from location to music type. You can listen to the news in Australia or some Calypso rock station from the Netherlands Antilles. It is just truly amazing.

My daughter likes to dance in the mornings after we watch the news. These are some of her favorite radio stations:

Jazz Radio
Ancient FM
Baroque Channel
1940s UK Radio

Needless to say, we listen to a lot of Jazz and pre-classical music. I suppose this comes as no surprise, as she listens to a Beethoven CD every night before going to sleep, and I have been an early Jazz aficionado for years.

Ain't technology amazing?  

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