Thursday, September 01, 2011

A&M to the SEC

So, Texas A & M are apparently headed to the South Eastern Conference. I suppose they were tired of being the red headed step child to the University of Texas. I think that is obviously a good pick up for the SEC. A&M fans were always my favorite fans that would come and visit when I was helping do tailgate parties at St. Mark's when I was still living in Lincoln. They were always the nicest and most well behaved fans, and they were very Southern culturally, i.e. God, Guns, and Football. I think they will fit right into the Southeastern Conference.

That having been said, I am still not a big fan of this whole money grubbing, power grab conference realignment scheme going on in big time college football. I still can't root for Nebraska, as I just can't root for a Big Ten team. That move was all about the money, and I have no doubt that the A&M move is the same. At least A&M plays Arkansas on a regular basis (and its usually a good game.) To my knowledge, Nebraska has never played a Big Ten team in the regular season in football on any sort of regular basis. Culturally, Nebraska is so not a Big Ten team.

But, that is all water under the bridge now. I think the Big XII does not have anyone to blame but Texas, which still pretty much runs the league and gets the most revenue. While I am not happy with what Nebraska, A&M, or Colorado did, at least I can somewhat understand it. I am just afraid that these regional conferences will simply implode and we end up with this bizarre Super-conferences that take up half or more of the United States.

This is another reason I stick to baseball these days, though the rumors of Major League Baseball adding a second wild card are distressing, all for the sake of money. just can't escape the dollar.

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