Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can't remember this blog address?

Google.com bought out blogger.com a while back. Heretofore, they have left blogger.com alone. Since they have finally decided that foisting Google+ onto the world was not enough idiocy, Google.com has in its infinite wisdom decided to "upgrade" the user interface for this blog. Frankly, I hate it because they've turned it into Google+, which is completely and utterly worthless.

That has no bearing on the readers of the blog, but the blog editor (yours truly) really does not like being bossed around and forced to use a product that has been "upgraded for my convenience" when said upgrade is anything but convenient and actually living proof of what is known in geek circles as the technological imperative, i.e. "if it can be upgraded, it must be...even if the upgrade does not improve anything or even makes the program worse." (I'm looking at you Facebook Timeline!!)

As such, I am going to give the new blogger.com interface a chance. It is not looking good, but I will try. I have thought about going over to Wordpress.com as a blog host, but I hate Wordpress even more than the new Blogger.com.  In the future, I may pony up the money and simply rent my own domain space from an independent website host so I can have final say in all aspects of this blog. I have not made that determination yet. I will let you, the readers, know of any change to my blog address.

For the here and now, I have decided to add an intermediate step. I will admit that costlygrace.blogspot.com is a bit hard to remember. For the readers' convenience, I have reserved two website names that will automatically bring you to this blog.

Simply type in "www.costlygraceblog.com" or "www.archeroftheforest.com" and you will be brought to this blog.

For traditionalists and the "We've never done it this way" crowd, the regular blog address also still works.

You can type in any of the three addresses and be brought to my humble little piece of the blogosphere.

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The Archer of the Forest said...

It may take 24 hours or so to have the website forwarding up and running, so if you get a "under construction" page at the two new website addresses, please be patient. This is a work in progress.