Friday, March 09, 2012

What He Said...

Most people don't know all the charitable stuff Peyton Manning did in Indy and in his college home town of Knoxville for years completely under the radar. He would rent out the Indianapolis RCA dome out of his own pocket on fall weekends when the Colts were away so that Indiana high school teams could come and play a game in an NFL stadium. Just tons of stuff like that you never heard about in the media.

I think the Indianapolis Colts made a huge mistake cutting Peyton. Even if he never plays again, he could have mentored the next quarterback and eventually been transitioned into the front office or management after he retired. But, I will say, Peyton Manning had class even when it became clear the franchise he carried on his back for 14 years wanted him out. I know it was a money decision, but look at the horrendous season they had last year without him. Do they think its going to get any better without him?

Good luck with that.

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