Friday, April 20, 2012

The Difference between Class and No Class

An acquaintance of mine has written an excellent sports writing piece comparing Pat Summitt and Bobby Petrino, both of whom have stepped down (or been fired in the case of Petrino) from their sports coaching jobs in the last month.

Pat Summitt has for 38 years been the women's basketball coach at Tennessee and is having to step down because she has early onset dementia. She is the matriarch of NCAA Women's Basketball in general. Case in point: when I was in college, if you went to the Rite I service at St. John's Cathedral in downtown Knoxville during the basketball offseason, you often walked in and had Pat Summitt hand you a bulletin because she would be often be an usher at the church for the 8AM service.

Bobby Petrino has done stints as head football coach in Louisville, the NFL (largely trashing the Atlanta Falcons), and Arkansas and largely been a off the field troll the entire time.

Both have extremely high winning percentages, but the case this article makes is that having class makes all the difference. I think he is right.

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