Friday, July 27, 2012

A Diaper Cake

There was a lady in my parish who just had her second child. It was discovered that she had never had a baby shower, so my wife and a few of the ladies in the parish cooked one up for her. They had a good turn out I am told. (I was also told that guys were not allowed, which is fine. I came to the realization long ago that many things have to be left in the hands of the Almighty, or the church ladies, whichever comes first.)
Hmmm...more diapers

It was requested by the mother that in lieu of regular baby gifts and such that they throw a "diaper shower." So, most of the gifts involved diapers. Having had a child that is now (thankfully) mostly out of diapers, I can only say I wish I'd have thought of this before. Diapers are expensive.

The Diaper Cake
In light of the diaper shower theme, my wife was scouring Pinterest, which I am convinced is simply Google image search in estrogen form. She came up with this clever "diaper cake." It's not edible of course (well, I guess you could eat a diaper but that's not recommended...), but looks like a cake. It was simply made up of diapers.

This is quite clever, really. 
I would only add that my contribution was the wooden animals you see. I did them on my scroll saw from some patterns I got out of a woodworking book. I added a nice bee's wax coating with some drops of mint extract. The animals, thus, had a nice minty smell. They are called "Woodimals" in scroll saw magazines.

I think they turned out quite nice, as did the diaper cake.

Well done, everyone.


liz said...

I love how clean your diaper cake looks! The wooded block are a cute touch.

Diaper Cakes said...

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