Thursday, September 27, 2012

There's a Sports personality interview you don't encounter much

The National Catholic Register did an unusual piece here by interviewing famed coach and ESPN commentator Lou Holtz about his faith. Granted, both are devout Catholics, but it was refreshing to read someone from the sports world actually talking with some substance about their faith. Usually all you get from any media is what I call the 'post-game fist pumping for Jesus" self-righteous religious fluff that really portrays nothing of theological substance.

I particularly liked this bit:

"I used to pray that God would make me a great athlete, and he never did. Yet he put me in the coaching profession, where I’ve experienced 45 years of being involved in great games and competitiveness and having a positive influence on other people’s lives. Had I been a great athlete, I’m not sure I would have even gone into coaching. I may have turned out feeling that my life ended when my athletic career ended, as happens so many times with various athletes.
"I do know this: God does answer your prayers, but it’s not always in the way you expect. God knows what’s best for us, though, so there’s no need to worry when things don’t go how we originally wanted them to go. We just have to be willing to make changes and go a different route sometimes."

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