Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Never thought I would thank the Giants...

I have never cared for San Francisco or any of their sports teams. The Giants were particularly obnoxious when Barry "Wink, wink...I didn't know that was steroids I was taking...nod, nod" Bonds was playing there. I did like Dusty Baker when he was coaching there, but the Giants in their infinite wisdom even axed him. So, it is with no small irony that I have to thank the San Francisco Giants for being the team that finally popped St. Louis' magic playoff bubble.

I admit, as I have often admitted before, that I really do not like the Wild Card concept in Baseball. To me, baseball is a game of numbers and percentages where you earn your trip to the playoffs by winning a division. I really don't like the 2nd Wild Card scheme because it further turns baseball into a "lowest common denominator" sport.

The thought of the Cardinals going to the World Series by not even being the best Wild Card (re: 2nd place) team just rubbed me the wrong way. Combined with the fact that if St. Louis had won and joined the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, we would have had a World Series where neither team had 90 wins on the season. Talk about a Loser Series...At least San Francisco actually won their division (as did Detroit, despite their season long best efforts to the contrary).

Never thought I would thank the Giants, but stranger things have happened.

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