Sunday, November 18, 2012

For those wanting an alternative to Thanksgiving turkey

The following is for Jean L.

I ran across the following little gem in an old cookbook entitled Dishes and Beverages from the Old South by Martha MacCulloch Williams. It was printed by McBride Nast & Company in New York in 1913. You might want to make sure you've eaten dinner before reading any farther.

Roasted Possum
Chill thoroughly after scraping and drawing. Save all the inside fat, let is soak in until cooking time, then rinse well, and partly try it out in the pan before putting in the possum. Unless he is huge, leave him whole, skewering him flat, and laying him skin side up in the pan. Set in a right hot oven until crispy tender, taking care there be no scorching. Roast a dozen good sized sweet potatoes-in ashes in possible, if not, bake them covered in a deep pan. Peel when done and lay them hot round the possum, turning them over and over in the abundant gravy. He should have been lightly salted when hung up, and fully seasoned, with salt and pepper, and a trifle of mustard, when put down to cook. Dish him in a big platter, lay the potatoes, which should be partly browned, around him, add a little boiling water to the pan, shake well around, and pour the gravy over everything. Hot corn bread, strong black coffee, or else sharp cider, and right sharp hot pickles are the things to serve with him. 


The Underground Pewster said...

Granny Clampett would have stewed him.

The Archer of the Forest said...

If you stew it, it will never get "crispy tender"!