Saturday, December 15, 2012

From the Epic of Gilgamesh

I had to memorize this when I was in school, way back when students had to memorize stuff of substance:


‎"My friend has been killed," Gilgamesh said.
Utnapishtim nodded. "Yes. I know."
"That is all? You know? He will never walk with me on the dark paths or fight beside me in the wild forests or drink deeply at my table. I will never hear his voice again."

"It is a hard thing, death. But only for the living."
"What god allows this? What god created this?"

"Why do you assume God is responsible? First, you cry for freedom. Then you rage against God for granting it to all. You can't have one without the other. Do you want freedom, Gilgamesh?"
"Yes. Of course."
"So do killers."
"I will hide all the spears and weapons."
"They will find more. And then how will you defend yourself and your people?"
"I will make laws."
"They will not listen to them."
"I will tear them all apart!"
"Then you will become one of them."
"How do I remove this evil from my land?"
"You can't. You can only remove evil from yourself."

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