Friday, February 08, 2013

Why on Earth would you do this?

I admit, I have never understood the tattoo thing. I have never once in my life wanted one. I realize there are fine people with tattoos; my Grandmother has one. My brother-in-law has several. I don't have particular moral objections to tattoos as long as you aren't getting some obscene naked lady or flaming swastika, but I just have never wanted one because there is no image in the world that I think I would not get tired of looking at in 3 months. I would not want to wear the same shirt day after day. I just think it would get old. Not to mention when you get old and saggy and the tattoo starts looking, well, old and saggy, too.

I know, I know, people say it is about art. I have never quite bought that argument either. I think it more a statement of sociological need to be the center of attention, but I realize that is debatable.

Assuming you were not strung out on drugs or something, why on earth would you do this?

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