Sunday, May 12, 2013

Real Weekends

Having been ordained clergy for so many years, I am in the middle of my first real weekend in years. Two consecutive days a row...all in the same week. It's like a mini-vacation. Every week!

I don't think most people who have never been clergy or have never been related to clergy really understand the sacrifices that most clergy make. They think the clergy person shows up on Sunday and preaches and whatever and the rest of the week they sit in their office with their feet up. Usually, giving up their Sunday is on top of 40 to 50+ hours spent in the regular week.

By the same token, I don't think clergy realize how screwed up their life is on a weekly scheduling basis. They might get one day off on Monday or Friday. They might get Saturday off, though that is rare in its entirety. Certainly, they work weird evening hours on top of having to work regular office hours in the day.

Be sure to take your Sabbath. It is important.

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