Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Different Sort of Spirituality

I always said when I was an active priest that leading liturgy on Sunday was a different form of spirituality and worship. You always had to be in the moment, aware of what came next in the order of service. That could be worshipful, but it is a whole different ball game than getting the luxury of sitting in the pew, where you can let your mind wonder off as you contemplate the Holy Mysteries.

I have found that having kids in the pew with you is also like that. You always have to be mindful that your precious young'un is throwing her socks or crawling under the pew or yelling out, "Is it over yet?" That is a whole different type of worship as well.

Our daughter has been adjusting to worship in a new church with daddy in the pew, and it has been an adventure. We have made some progress, but she is still antsy. Part of that is just being a kid. Everyone always feels like their kid is being a nuisance, and perhaps that is true. However, most folks are just sitting there, saying, "Been there, done that. Thanks be to God mine are grown."

We had that experience today at Church. Our daughter, while squirrelly, was not the loudest or worst behaved in the area. My wife and I both got out to the car and were like, "Haha! Our kid wasn't the worst today!" That was probably not a very productive attitude, but that was our reaction.

Learning to worship as a family takes practice. Like any good habits, it takes practice and then more practice. Such is life. God understands; He made kids. If only His followers would always understand that.


Don Henri said...

Isn't the liturgy too much sloppily done at your new parish? I hope you have found one where it is reverent. Today, I went to have my laptop fixed in another part of the city, and I tried to go to confession to a neighbouring (RC) parish. When I asked the greeter for the confession times she answered looking amazed "Confessions? We don't have that here, or you may take an appointment friday between 10 and 11 AM, or better, go to another church"...

+ pax et bonum

The Archer of the Forest said...

I have found the liturgy here to be solid but not eye poppingly stellar. I can't complain. There are certainly plenty of opportunities for confession and other things. This is a pretty traditional diocese.