Monday, September 09, 2013

That's funny...

On Friday night, I was in my pajamas and about to get ready for bed. With a daughter who seldom sleeps past 6AM, I am forced to go to bed fairly early. I do this under protest, as I am more prone to be up later and sleep in later. It took my body about two years to adapt to having to be in bed before 10PM. But, this is neither here nor there.

On Friday, I had let the dog out into the back yard for one final restroom break. I had not much shut the door when I heard my dog start barking in the back yard. My dog is not prone to barking, at least immediately. If she is left outside for too long, she will occasionally start barking at passersby on the street as something to do, but she will seldom start barking immediately.

As it was already dark outside, I was curious why she was barking in the "big mean dog" voice. I poked my head out the back door. I did not see anybody walking on the street, but I assumed it must have been a car or something. I was shutting the door again but heard a loud man's voice say something. I could not make out what it said, but it sounded as if it was coming from the alley or our garage. Our alley is usually quiet at night, so I could not figure out who would be outside talking at that hour.

I listened for a few minutes and did not hear nor see anyone, so I went to shut the door again. This time I distinctively heard a male voice say something. My dog is barking like crazy, which is extremely unusual unless something is wrong. I shut the door, walked up the stairs, and turned on the exterior floodlights. Clad in pajamas, I went back outside and poked my head over the fence to see if someone was loitering in our parking area in front of the garage. I still did not see anyone or hear any movement.

Then, I heard it very clearly. "No. 14 for 8 yards and a first down!" I had been hearing the P.A. system from the high school football game which was only about 4 blocks away. Being new to the neighborhood, I didn't even know the local Catholic high school played at a field near our house.

I was amused.

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