Friday, February 07, 2014

Who put that dead bird in here???

So, I was getting out of my delivery truck yesterday and thought I felt something rip. I did not hear anything, but something definitely ripped on a piece of metal off the truck. My pants felt alright, so I got a few boxes out of the back of the truck and was making my way across the parking lot. I reached into my coat pocket to get my receipt book and pulled out a hand full of feathers.

"Good lord, there's a dead bird in my pocket!" As I am trying to frantically pull out whatever remains may be in my pocket, feathers keep coming out by the handful. As I dance around, feathers flying everywhere like a snow storm, the parking lot bystanders must have thought I was doing a VooDoo dance.

I finally figured out what had ripped: the back side of my down filled jacket.

What a mess...but at least it was not a dead bird.

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underground pewster said...

I hope a security camera somewhere caught that dance!