Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ah, the irony...

Great article here over at NewsBusters about the complete irony of the mainstream media in America being two faced on the issue of Gay NFL players and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The two would seem to be unrelated, but the point is made that while the American media has tried hard to condemn former Colts coach Tony Dungy for being a bigot because he would not have drafted said NFL player (despite the fact that the ensuing media circus on the issue directly proves Dungy's point that that that player is simply a big media distraction to a team completely over an off field issue), the media loves to bash Israel over the conflict over Gaza, despite the fact that Palestinian gays often flee to Israel (which gives gays some protections under Israeli law) because any Palestinian state that would be forthcoming would almost certainly ban, imprison, or execute gays and lesbians (Can you name a predominantly Islamic state that doesn't?)

Ah, the irony.

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