Friday, July 18, 2014

Thought for the Day

My experience of atheists is that, those I have met and talked to, do not really deny the existence of God (or any god or gods) due to lack of evidence. Underlying and causing their atheism is (I detect) a resistance to moral accountability. They do not want to believe that they are or will be judged because they want to live as they want to live without judgment other than their own.

I have trouble taking atheism seriously. It is so clearly a product of modernity and (in my view) so clearly goes against the grain of everything we humans believe in (e.g., objective morality that transcends tribe, culture and custom) that I find it almost amusing—except that it can and often does have extremely pernicious consequences.

~ Roger E. Olson
(Hat tip: Amorality of Atheism Facebook group)

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Tregonsee said...

The late Christopher Hitchens said that if there were a Heaven, it would be a giant North Korea, where everything was prescribed for you. He found that intolerable. (I hope he found The Other Place much more to his liking.) Someone commented that this view is more properly anti-theist rather than atheist.