Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adventures in Woodworking: The Mother-in-law edition

My Mother-in-law does quite a bit of quilting. As such, she has several quilts in various states of assembly balanced on a railing in her house (amongst other places). She has been after me for several months to make her a quilt rack. 

We first talked about it back in the winter, when it was simply too cold to be out in my wood shop working with power tools. Spring came and went, and I never got around to it. Finally over the last few weeks, I ordered some lumber custom. She wanted a high quality oak to match several of her antiques.

Flush hex-screw hole
 I finally got the type of oak she was wanting, after finding a building pattern that both she and I liked. The original pattern had the quilt rack all screwed together with glue and such. I wanted something that could be disassembled.B eing the "problem solved" off-the-wall builder I am, I got about half way through the pattern and decided I had better way of building the thing.

I added some adjustable Allen wrench hex key screws and wood insert spikes. I even used my drill press to make the holes for the screws flush.

I also hand carved her name into one of the slats. That was completely my idea.

Hand carved
After several layers of polyurethane, I think it turned out pretty nicely as a modified A-frame.
Quilts not for sale!

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