Monday, August 11, 2014

Adventures in Woodworking

I saw the pattern for this in this month's edition of Scrollsaw Magazine. They called it a "crayonator," which I thought was kind of lame. We took my daughter to the zoo a few weeks ago, and so my daughter saw this pattern and immediately wanted one. 
It was actually extremely easy to do, though it turned out much larger than I had pictured. Upon reflection, I don't know why I thought something that would hold 24 crayons in this manner would be small.  
I think it turned out pretty well. Though, I would add that if you are using the pattern, the directions tell you to use a 3/8 inch bit for drilling with your drill press. I found for regular Crayola crayons with the wrappers still on them, you need a larger bit for the crayons to fit smoothly into the holes.

If I could have found a package of solely orange and white crayons, I would have used them for the picture. I am still a Tennessee fan after all...

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