Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making You Think

Very interesting video here by a group that asked homeless people to write down a fact about themselves.

It reminded me of my deceased great uncle. He was simply know as "Uncle Bill."  He was the...shall I say...special one in the family. He was basically homeless for most of his adult life. He was my grandmother's brother. He was a very strange guy, and my family tried to help him as much as we could. I think they even tried to rent him an apartment or house for a while, but he just chose to be homeless.

We never really knew why until after he died. As it turned out, he had been in the Korean War front lines. We learned from a friend of his that he'd see all these starving kids and would feel so guilty about it, he'd basically give away all his C-rations. He was basically starving himself the entire time he was over there, and it apparently warped him. He never recovered from that.

Back then, we really did not know anything about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or any of that. We just thought he was weird old Uncle Bill.

Sometimes you just don't know...

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