Friday, September 19, 2014

Gun Fights in the Streets

I signed up for a short mini-course at the local community college on Chinese Calligraphy. I do a bit of regular calligraphy on the side, so it interested me. The class is taught by a guy who is actually from China.

He was telling us about his first semester at the University of Nebraska-Kearney (population: 31000) when the only thing he knew about America was what he had seen in movies. He was saying for like the whole first semester that he did not dare to walk off campus. Apparently some friends invited him to go off campus for a hamburger, to which he apparently said, "I better not. I don't have a gun to take."

This comment completely mystified his Americans friends and they asked him why on earth he needed a gun to get a hamburger. To which he responded, "In case we get into a gun fight on the streets. Isn't that what Americans do all the time?"

Ah, the things you learn from movies.

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