Sunday, October 19, 2014

I love watching the media lose its mind

There was so much ridiculous hysteria about this Synod on the Family in the Vatican this week. The media was blowing it all out of proportion. The Catholic blogosphere were not really helpful either, as many places were carrying on like the Church was collapsing or something.

The Synod is an advisory council where Bishops were sitting around listening and talking about problems of the day. It has no authority to change doctrine whatsoever.

What most people, particularly the media, don't seem to get about Pope Francis (even good Catholics for reasons that completely escape me), is that Pope Francis is a Jesuit. He acts exactly like a Jesuit. Jesuits were formed as a counter-Reformation movement to re-energize the Church and shake up the institutional Church and Catholics across the spectrum in general who were very "ho hum-business as usual" kind of folks. Pope Francis very much is operating from that sort of spirituality.

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