Wednesday, April 01, 2015

I just don't get it.

A friend of mind posted this article from an extremely liberal/progressive website that makes a very interesting commentary and poses an interesting conundrum on the whole Indiana religious freedom law kerfuffle.

I agree with the article insomuch as this is where I have a cognitive disconnect from the current emotional flap over all this. I had the same disconnect when I watched my liberal friends on social media lose their minds and/or have philosophical melt downs over the Hobby Lobby case. The one thing that I would generally heretofore actually agree with liberal folk on (and in full disclosure, I am probably not unlike Mr. Carson on Downton Abbey who once said, "I've never been mistaken for a liberal in my life, and I'm not about to start now!") was sticking up for the little guy in terms of the economic behemoth that is Western capitalism and defending freedom for dissenting voices because it is exactly the dissenting voices that need protection. No one is going to shout down voices that are saying what people want to hear. Certainly, the liberal crowd was all for freedom of conscience when it came to military service via the draft in the Vietnam War.

Those liberal voices have for years, and I think rightly so, bemoaned soulless corporations that are only about making profit for its own sake and have no moral or ethical code other than to deliver profit to the owner/investors, no matter how many lives they destroy, factories they close to move overseas, or employees they treat like garbage in the process. Scenarios like this come up, and when a business is actually trying to have a moral or ethical code and not be solely about making money and pure greed, the liberal folk lose their minds and want to silence those businesses who are actually trying to run a business with a moral and ethical code of conscience and basically argue, "You're only about making money, so shut up and go back to your sole purpose of making money."

I just don't get it.

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That's right on target Archer! FaceBook. it!