Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Beware the Moloch's Insatiable Appetite for Human Flesh...

US Military Generals now want women to register for the draft.

Apparently, the lessons from the French Revolution, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and Khmer Rouge have already been forgotten. The anti-human agenda of the egalitarians always -- ALWAYS -- requires blood sacrifices. As the Roman Empire US Government stumbles blindly along the path of absolute equality between the sexes, it will inevitably cause the death of many women who simply are not capable of combat. Then there are the unfortunate male soldiers who will suffer because their female comrades couldn't perform up to speed.

But so what? All that matters is that we pretend to believe in official doctrine. The human consequences are of no concern. At least not to those in charge -- after all it is not daughters they want to send to war.

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