Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lectionary notes for Sunday 8/13/2017, part II

I would also be remiss if I did not comment on the Gospel reading for Sunday. It is also a very powerful reading of the storm on the sea of Galilee. Jesus comes walking up to them on the water, and the disciples, which on the surface seems somewhat hilarious, think he's a ghost on the water.

This is not, however, an unreasonable assumption on the disciples part, however. I was amazed when I was in Galilee. We got to go on a boat out on the Sea of Galilee. There are very steep extinct volcanoes that on on the northern end of the Sea of Galilee. Volcanic rock is black in color. So, these black mountains in the background reflecting off the water is very creepy indeed.

I was out on the water on a fairly clear, summer day, but even then, it was a weird feeling, like these dark mountains hovering in the distance. I can only imagine during a rain storm what a truly dark and foreboding place that must be.

To get a small taste of sailing on the Sea of Galilee, here is a little video I took on board. You can't quite see the mountains on the background, as I was facing the opposite direction, but you get the idea...

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