Thursday, August 16, 2007

I don't like Spam (edition 3.0)

I occasionally rant and and complain on my blog about Spam. No, not the meat(-ish?)(-like??) product, but unsolicited e-mail. I don't really have anything personal against Spam the canned product. In fact, the family that owns Spam are Episcopalian and donate money to the church in large quantities. I always found this ironic considering most Episcopalians would starve to death before letting Spam touch their lips...Unclean!

Of course on a bet with a certain rector at a country club like Episcopal Church one time, I remolded it, put it with some fancy crackers, and passed it off as French Pâté once during coffee hour, and they loved it. The Emperor's New Spam, I suppose. I ended up making a bundle on that bet. But that's another story...

In any event, I have been getting Spam, the e-mail version, on my new e-mail address at the parish I work at. Its not even in appears to be Chinese or Korean characters. Out of morbid curiosity, I ran it through the universal translator. It appeared to be an add for Jello.

Chinese Spam advertising Jello. That opens up all sorts of puns and plays on words. This has to be worth a few paragraphs on somebody's blog.

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