Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lenten Thoughts

Anybody have any good ideas for an Adult Wednesday night program for Lent?


The Underground Pewster said...

When we have done these, they usually start out with 12-16 people and each week the numbers drop as the weather gets nice towards Easter. It seems that having a pot-luck or simple soup dinner helps no matter what the subject matter. One year we did a series on the stations of the cross. Most year's subject matter escapes me and I remember the soup and sandwiches better than the lesson.

One thing I can recall is when the rector made the comment, "When our ancestors came down from the trees..." and the lady next to me said in a defiant voice, "Not mine!"

The Underground Pewster said...

I just had a thought. In my reading stack for Lent I had placed "Un-Comfortable Words" by Joost De Blank from 1958 (I found it in amongst my mother's books). It goes through uncomfortable words of our Lord as a Lenten study. You can find it at Amazon for 2 bucks.
Or if you wish, I can extract the Gospel verses for you and you can take it from there.

The Archer of the Forest said...

We usually have pretty good attendance, mainly because we do a series of "ethnic meals" that are really quite good. Actually, we have soup supper on Wednesday nights through the school year regularly, so Wednesday things are usually well attended regardless.

I'll look into that Uncomfortable Words book. That intrigues me, although I think that might be a hard sell attendance wise. "Yeah, come for fellowship and uncomfortable words!"

I am also going to float this idea to the youth group tonight and see if they come up with any interesting ideas for topics.

Fr Barry Tomlinson said...

we find the York Courses are good. www.yorkcourses.co.uk

The Underground Pewster said...

The Ugley Vicar has a Lenten plan over at his blog.